CPA Firm Job Requirement - CW,CV, TaxPrep T2/T1, NTR

Package 1 includes Training for: 

  1. CW - Working Papers 
  2. CV - Financial Statement Software 
  3. TaxPrep T2 Corporate Tax return 
  4. TaxPrep T1 Personal Tax return 
  5. Preparing Compilation/ NTR Engagement

CW - Working Paper Software for Accounting Professionals

This course includes up to 30 hours of training material. There are more than 20 training videos, 15 simulation and practice case studies, walk-through examples, presentation/slides and other valuable resources.

  1. Learn how to prepare a working paper file for a compilation engagement from start to finish.
  2. Refer to the course page for detailed course outline.

CV - Financial Statement Software for Accounting Professionals

This course includes up to 20 hours of training material. There are more than 10 training videos, several case studies, walk-through examples, practice cases, presentation/slides and other valuable resources.

  1. Learn how to prepare a complete set of financial statements from start to finish.
  2. Refer to the course page for detailed course outline

Preparing Corporate Tax return using TaxPrep Corporate

This course includes up to 35 hours of training material. There are more than 30 training videos, 15 simulations and practice case studies, walk-through examples, presentation/slides and other valuable resources.

  1. Learn how to prepare a corporate tax return from start to finish.
  2. Refer to the course page for detailed course outline

Preparing Personal Tax return using TaxPrep Personal

This is an Advanced Personal Tax Course and includes up to 25 hours of training material. There are more than 20 training videos, 15 simulations, case studies, walk-through examples, several T1 practice cases, presentation/slides and other valuable resources.

  1. Learn how to prepare a personal tax return from start to finish. 
  2. Refer to the course page for detailed course outline

    How to prepare a Notice to Reader Engagement

    In this course, you will be provided with the raw client's year-end financial information and supporting documents such as year-end bank statements, A/R aging report, Fixed asset invoices, loan document and support for accounting accruals. You will prepare a Compilation or Notice to reader engagement working paper file including financial statements and a full set of the corporate tax return. 

    Refer to the course page for detailed course outline

    Course Walkthrough

    • Preparing Corporate Tax Return using Taxprep Corporate
    • Preparing Personal Tax Return using Taxprep Personal
    • Preparing Working Paper File using CaseWare
    • Preparing Financial Statement using CaseView
    • How to prepare a Notice to Reader and a Compilation engagement

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do I have access to the course?

    Your online access will expire in one year from the sign-up date. The course is completely delivered online via topic-by-topic tutorial videos, real-client practice cases, full-length detail solutions, reading notes and powerpoint presentation slides. You can study at your own pace and can access the content online at any time from any where.

    What if I have questions as I complete tutorial videos and practice cases?

    We provide unlimited support via email, text, SMS, short phone calls, and website online chat. You can ask as many questions as you want and when you want.

    How do you offer the one-on-one training sessions?

    If you are in Toronto area, we can meet in-person to discuss your questions. Otherwise, we can meet online via Skype, Webex or Teamviewer.

    How is the course taught?

    The course is presented through a series of topic-by-topic videos. The videos include a technical discussion and theoretical overview of a given topic and a walkthrough of a real client practice case in the software. This allows students to learn the concepts at their own pace and review a particular topic again and again.

    Do you provide access to the software for hands-on learning?

    Yes, the course includes instructions to download TaxPrep T2 Corporate Tax and T1 Personal Tax return software (practice version only). The T2/T1 software can be used for practicing real-client cases and hands-on-learning. Please note we are not licensed or authorized to sell or distribute any software.

    Who is the course instructor and can I contact the instructor to discuss questions?

    Click Here to view instructor's profile. Yes, you can contact the instructor at any time you have questions. You can email the instructor at

    What kind of accounting or tax knowledge do I need to have before taking this course?

    You should be familiar with basic accounting concepts. Ideally, you should have completed university level accounting course.

    Are there any tests, quizzes or exams?

    No. There are no tests, quizzes or exams. It is a self-study course and includes practice cases. Detail solutions are provided.

    How often is the course updated?

    The course is updated on an annual basis to keep up with changing tax legislation. We also update the course with any new budget information that is important to the course content throughout the year when applicable.

    Can I re-take or re-attend the course?

    Yes, you will have unlimited access to the online course content.

    Is this course eligible for PD credits? Do you issue certificates?

    Yes, you will earn verifiable PD credits and a certificate of completion will be issued after you complete the course.

    Do you provide resume tips, interview tips, and career tips?

    Yes, we provide students with resume tips and career advice.

    What if I am unhappy with the course?

    Please review the refund policy here.

    Why study Online vs. In-person training classes

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    “Access” training for only those few days

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    Rigid structure and progression

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    Might waste time with stuff you already know

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    Certificate of Completion

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    Difficult to get 1-on-1 time from the instructor in a classroom setting

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    No help available after the class is over

    Get the practical skills that will set you apart on interviews, resume and on the job!

    Our CPA Educator:

    Learn from the expert and qualified trainer:

    Instructor's Profile

    Over 15 years of experience in Canadian Domestic and International Taxation

    Work Experience
        • Currently a Senior Tax Manager at one of the Big7 firms in GTA
        • Previously a Tax Manager at PwC Canada
    Qualifications and Designations
        • Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) 
        • Chartered Accountant (CA) 
        • CPA In-Depth Canadian Taxation (Level 1, 2 and 3)
        • CPA In-Depth International Taxation
        • BBA from University of Toronto
    Teaching experience
        • Seminar Leader/instructor at the CPA for Professional Development courses
        • Instructor at the CPA for In-depth Tax program (Year 1 and 2) Group Study and In-residence
        • Instructor at the CPA for Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) courses and modules
        • Instructor at the CPA for CPA Preparatory Courses courses and modules
        • Instructor at the CPA for Capstone 1 and 2 workshops
    I have over fifteen years of experience in providing comprehensive tax planning, consulting and compliance services to both multinationals and Canadian public & private companies in a broad range of industries and sectors. He is responsible for providing Canadian tax advice and compliance services including advising clients on cross-border transactions, mergers and acquisitions, tax planning and compliance, and assistance with Canada Revenue Agency audits. Our instructor obtained his Bachelor of Business degree with a specialization in accounting and finance from the University of Toronto. 

    Feel free to call me at 416-275-6540 or email at

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