Profile Tax & TaxPrep Combo (T2 Corporate & T1 Personal)

Package 7 includes: 

  1. Profile T2 Corporate Tax
  2. Profile T1 Personal Tax
  3. TaxPrep T2 Corporate Tax
  4. TaxPrep T1 Corporate Tax 

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Most Comprehensive Online Course on Canadian Corporate Tax & T2 Return Preparation - Focus on CCPC, owner-manager and Small Businesses


**Free Demo version of Profile T2 and Tax Prep T2 software is available to practice cases and get hands-on-experience and learning**

Note - T2 software is for study purposes only 

Who Will Benefit:

This course will benefit CPA Members, CPA Students and Professional Accountants who wish to expand or update their Canadian Corporate tax return preparation knowledge using a Taxprep software. 

CPA Students Looking for a Job:  The course will benefit CPA students who are applying to CPA firms for entry-level positions and are looking to put some relevant experience and technical skills on their resume. If you are a student in tax and accounting and working towards your CPA designation, then this course is intended to fill in the gap between the tedious theory and the real world.

Professionals Looking To Get Into CPA firm:  The course will benefit if you are already a professional and looking to change your career. This course will serve as a good refresher and provide all the necessary guidance and skill to make the jump.

Bookkeepers Looking To Offer T2 return services:  The course will benefit you if you are a bookkeeper and want start offering T2 corporate tax return services .You probably deal with a number of accountants on year-end T2 tax planning and work. Why not do the T2 tax returns yourself, or at the very least be able to keep up with those accountants and know what’s going on?

Those Looking To Start a Tax Preparation Business:  The course will benefit you if you want to start your own tax preparation side business. This course is their first step.

Course overview:

This course provides participants with working/practical knowledge of preparing corporate tax returns for small businesses and CCPCs and various tax schedules commonly used. This course deals with practical issues and deals directly with the layout of the corporate tax return, the forms, and schedules utilized in the preparation of such returns. I take you through the step-by-step process of preparing the Corporation T2 tax return with a focus on Canadian small businesses.

Preparing Corporate Tax return using PROFILE T2 & TaxPrep T2

  1. Learn how to prepare a corporate tax return from start to finish.
  2. How to prepare full set of corporate tax returns and various schedules/forms 
  3. How to account for related parties in Profile Tax i.e. Parent/Subsidiary relationship, control, association, sharing of SBD limit 
  4. How to report dividends received from connected and non-connected corporation 
  5. How to report capital gains & losses on disposition of capital property such as shares, real estate, and ABIL.
  6. How to request tax loss carryback/forward & tax loss continuity of net capital losses & non-capital losses
  7. How to record capital dividends and determine CDA balance 
  8. How to record additions and disposition of capital assets and calculate CCA
  9. How to record additions and disposition of eligible capital property and calculate CEC
  10. How to account for investment income i.e. interest income, rental income, and foreign income
  11. You will learn about several ways of performing tax planning 

Preparing Personal Tax return using PROFILE T1 & TaxPrep T1

  1. Learn how to prepare a personal tax return from start to finish.
  2. How to set up a client file and navigate through tax software
  3. How to create a family profile and identify possible planning opportunities
  4. How to identify and claim non-refundable tax credits
  5. How to input various T slips; employment income, investment income (interest, dividends) & other income 
  6. How to report deductions such as professional fees, carrying charges, child care, moving expense and RRSP
  7. How to report employment expenses
  8. How to report self-employed business income and expenses
  9. How to report rental income and expenses
  10. How to amend T1 and request loss carry back

Course Walkthrough

  • Step-by-Step guide to Preparing T2 in Profile
  • Step-by-Step guide to Preparing 2021 T1 return in Profile Tax
  • Preparing Corporate Tax Return using Taxprep T2
  • Preparing Personal Tax Return using Taxprep Personal
  • 2021-22 - TaxPrep T1 Step-by-Step Guide Preparing T1
  • Download Profile Tax Demo version for Practice
  • Download TaxPrep Demo version for Practice

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"Excellent training - I found the hands-on practical experience very very useful"

Carol Miller, CPA student

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Brandon Riley, CPA student

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