CaseView - Financial Statement Training/Templates

CV - Financial statement software for accounting professionals - The course includes 15 - 20 hours of training material. There are more than 10 training videos, several case studies (walk-through), several practice cases, presentation/slides and other valuable resources.

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Learning Objectives:

  • How to prepare a complete set of client's financial statements using CV reporting software: 
      • Balance Sheet;
      • Cash Flow Statement, 
      • Retained Earning Statement, 
      • Income Statement and 
      • Notes to the Financial Statements.

  • How to link trial balance and engagement information in working paper software to a financial statement software.
  • How to create and edit cells and tables
  • How to enter formulas and codes 
  • How to create notes to the financials and cross-reference notes
  • How to edit the financial statement line items 

  • The course also includes:
      • Walkthrough of real-world Financial statements 
      • Several hands-on practice exercises
      • Simple to complex real-world cases


Course Walkthrough

  • Walkthrough of a REAL Financial Statements in CaseView
  • Simple Financial Part A (Current and Fixed Assets Section)
  • Simple Financial Part B (Liabilities and Equity Section)
  • Download the excel file to practice Case Study 2 - Prepare a simple Financial Statements
  • Case Study 3 is a Practice Case
  • Preparing Financial Statement using tables and mapping numbers
  • Case Study 4
  • Prepare a Balance Sheet using Tables and Mapping numbers
  • Sample casware file with mapping database.
  • How to insert a Auto Rounding functionality in the Balance Sheet
  • How to Sort Financial Statement line items
  • Practice Case - Prepare full set of financial statements with prior year comparatives
  • Case Study 10 - Practice Case - Complex Financial Statement
  • Your Feedback is very important for us!
  • Certificate of Completion

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"Excellent training - I found the hands-on practical experience very very useful"

Carol Miller, CPA student

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Brandon Riley, CPA student

"The courses were very well structured and organized. Keep up the good work! I'd love to attend more sessions"

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"The step by step video tutorial is easy to follow and the case study that required marking and feedback. Overall a Brilliant Course!!"

Bruce Smith, CPA Student