Preparing Personal Tax Return using Taxprep T1

Advance Personal Tax Course - This course includes up to 25 hours of training material. There are more than 20 training videos, up to 15 case studies (walk-through), several T1 practice cases, presentation/slides and other valuable resources. 

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Who Will Benefit:

This course will benefit individuals who wish to expand or update their Taxprep T1 tax software working knowledge. Practitioners who want to learn how T1 and various tax schedules are prepared using Taxprep. CPAs who has been away from public practice for some time, and are looking for a quick refresher on preparing T1. Accountants who are planning to set up their small CPA firm practice. 

This course is also very useful for 

  • New Grads/Co-Ops & CPA students who are applying for entry-level jobs at public accounting firms.
  • Freelance Bookkeepers who wants to expand their business by providing T1 preparation services.
  • People who want to do their taxes.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Learn how to prepare a personal tax return from start to finish.
  2. How to set up a client file and navigate through Taxprep
  3. How to create a family profile and identify possible planning opportunities
  4. How to identify and claim non-refundable tax credits
  5. How to work with various T slips; employment income, investment income (interest, dividends) & other income 
  6. How to report deductions such as professional fees, carrying charges, child care, moving expense and RRSP
  7. How to report employment expenses
  8. How to report self-employed business income and expenses
  9. How to report rental income and expenses
  10. How to amend T1 and request loss carry back

Intermediate Personal Tax Topics 

  1. Preparing T1 - 7 step process 
  2. Identification and client profile
  3. Working with T-slips
  4. All about Federal Tax Credits
  5. T1 jacket and Schedules
  6. Schedule 1: Federal tax calculation
  7. Schedule 3: Capital gains (or losses)
  8. Schedule 4: Statement of investment income
  9. Schedule 9: Donations and gifts
  10. Schedule 11: Tuition and education amounts

Advance Personal Tax Topics 

  1. T2125#: Statement of business activities
  2. T2125#: Statement of professional activities
  3. T776#: Rental income
  4. T777: Employment expenses
  5. T778: Child care expenses
  6. ABIL: Allowable business investment loss
  7. Loss: Net capital losses
  8. Loss: Non-capital losses
  9. RRSP: RRSP deduction
  10. Support: Support payments

Tax planning to maximize refund

  1. Child support and spousal support
  2. All about RRSPs rules, contribution limit
  3. Profession fees and union dues
  4. Child care expenses and Moving Expenses
  5. Carrying charges and interest expenses
  6. Home-Office expense
  7. Loss carry back and carry forward
  8. Auto and Travel Expense issues
  9. Lifetime capital gain exemption 
  10. Capital Assets and CCA-depreciation

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Instructor's Profile

      • Over 10 years of experience in Canadian Domestic and International Tax
      • Currently a Senior Tax Manager at one of Big 7 Accounting firms
      • Previously a Tax Manager at PwC Canada for 4 years
      • Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) 
      • Chartered Accountant (CA) 
      • Completed CPA In-Depth Tax Course (Level 1, 2 and 3)
      • Completed CPA In-Depth International Tax Course
      • Instructor at CPA for the In-depth Tax program (Year 1 and 2)
      • Instructor at CPA for the PEP and PREP programs
      • Instructor at CPA for the Capstone 1 and 2
Our course is created by a CPA, who has ten years of experience providing comprehensive tax planning, consulting and compliance services to both multinationals and Canadian public & private companies in a broad range of industries and sectors. He is responsible for providing Canadian tax advice and compliance services including advising clients on cross-border transactions, mergers and acquisitions, tax planning and compliance, and assistance with Canada Revenue Agency audits. Our instructor obtained his Bachelor of Business degree with a specialization in accounting and finance from the University of Toronto. 

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