Fundamentals of a Review Engagement

This course is designed to provide an in-depth review of the application of the new Canadian Standard on Review Engagements (CSRE) 2400, Engagements to Review Historical Financial Statements. Each stage of the review engagement will be considered, from planning to issuance of the practitioner’s report, including a detailed examination of changes relative to the former standards.

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  • Introduction and overview of CSRE 2400, including a review of the scope, implementation date, key concepts and terminology
  • Detailed, in-depth comparison of CSRE 2400 and the 8100 series, including a discussion of the potential impact (if any) of each difference on the performance and documentation of a review engagement under the new standard
  • Each stage of the review engagement process will be examined 
  • Performing the Engagement; Evaluating Evidence Obtained from the Procedures Performed; 
  • Forming the Practitioner’s Conclusion on the Financial Statements; 
  • The Practitioner’s Report; and Documentation
  • Other practice matters including a review of practice inspection findings related to review engagements, and the potential impact of CSRE 2400


This seminar is suited to professional accountants in public practice who will be issuing reports under the new review engagement standard, CSRE 2400.

Course Walkthrough

  • Fundamentals - Canadian Standard on Review Engagements (CSRE) 2400
  • Difference between an Audit, Review and NTR Engagement
  • Audit, Review and NTR Engagement Comparison
  • Review Engagement Objectives
  • Intended Users of Financial Statements
  • Review Engagement Planning Stage
  • Performing the work
  • Threats to Independence
  • Ethical Standards
  • Professional Skepticism
  • Professional Judgment
  • Determining materiality for the engagement
  • Scope Limitations
  • Why Obtain an Understanding of the Entity and Its Environment?
  • Types of Procedures
  • Inquiries Procedures
  • Specific Required Inquiries
  • Common analytical procedures include:
  • CSRE 2400 Paragraph 47 - Making Inquiries
  • Documentation
  • Use of PEG Checklists
  • Examples of Analytical Procedures
  • Sample Engagement Letter For a Review Engagement
  • Review engagement Report
  • Terminology and Key Concepts
  • Feedback / comments
  • Certificate: Mastering Review Engagement

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